Saturday, September 19, 2009

That's it from the water...

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Race #11 Finishes

Canada wins by a couple of Canadian football fields to take 2nd overall.
NYYC passes NZ to win overll.
17, 19, 07, 08, 12, 15, 11, 03, 16, 18, 04, 01, 02, 06, 14, 05, 09, 10
Looks like Japan will take third overall!

the rest...

...16, 03, 04, 01, 18, 05, 02, 14, 09, 10

Race #11 second windward mark

Canada with a 1:44 lead!!
17, 07, 19, 08, 12, 11, 15, 16...more to come

3/4 up the second beat

Canada still well in front...maybe a minute by the windward mark??
Everyone is working the left side and it will be crowded near the port layline trying to find a lane.
Denmark has repositioned up to the middle, now back on starboard.
Royal Cork, NZ and NYYC coming back on port out of the left corner, all look to have gained Denmark.  Finland passing well behind those three.

2nd Beat

Canada is WAY out in the lead.  NZ and Denmark battling for second, both on starboard with NZ well to the left.  Finland climbing back into things up on Denmark's hip.  Royal Cork and NYYC in the top six.

on the run...

Canada pulling out.  NZ still second, then Denmark.  Royal Cork appears to have rolled NYYC for fourth.  Finland in sixth, then Royal St. George. 

Course change for second windward mark to 345 degrees.

Race #11 Start photos

Race #11 Windward Mark

17, 07, 12, 19, 08, 11, 03, 02, 18, 14, 15, 01, 04, 16, 05, 06, 09, 10

2/3 the way up

NYYC fell down behind Denmark and had to tack away, but crossed all boats to the right.
Denmark finally tacked out, but looks top three.
Canada and RNZYS still headed in toward Jamestown and could be 1-2...definitely ahead of all boats to the left by a lot.
Looks like Canada will have a comfortable lead, then NZ, Denmark and NYYC at this point.  Still a ways, and lots of shifts, to go.

Half way up...

RNZYS, Canada, Denmark and NYYC all got headed and tacked to on nice lift with breeze.  NZ falling out of it a little.
YC Italiano leading the right side, but seem a bit back from that lead group of four.

windward leg

RNZYS appears to have early lead.  Canada two boats to windward of NYYC with Denmark in between, all in clear lanes on port and near front row.  Still a number of boats on the left who look to be in breeze and the whole group could be the lead group.

Race #11 Start

'Z' flag was up and that kept everyone well back...clean start.
Looks like boats from pin end can cross the boats at the RC end.

General Recall

wind shifted a bit right and the current is less...fleet anxious to get the final race off?

Weather update

still not a cloud in the sky!! and slightly warmer.
wind is now in the 8-12 range.  seas are flat.
2 minutes to the start.

Scores going into the last race...

very unofficial (scores will be posted shortly);
54 Royal Canadian
60 Japan
72.2 Finland
76 Royal Cork
79 St. Francis
86 Royal Bermuda
98 Royal Danish
102Royal Hong Kong

Race #11 Course Signals

335 degrees
1.6 nm to first windward mark
1.3 nm to second windward mark

1330 Warning
1335 Start

Race #10 Finishes

Finland wins!
11, 17, 19, 04, 05, 10, 01, 07, 12, 14, 08, 16, 06, 02, 18, 09, 15, 03

Finland's got a good angle...

on the run...

Finland and Canada running neck and neck with 1/4 leg to go.  Canada to leeward and behind, both on starboard...Canada seems to be in control and just gybed on their layline.

Finland at Windward Mark

Finland leading!

Finland came in from the left and was able to pin Canada before the mark.
11, 17, 19, 05, 04, gap, 10, 01, 08, 12, 06, gap, 16, 07, 14, 02, 09, 18, 15, 03

Approaching windward mark

Japan is in the leeward and ahead of Canada a ways away with leverage if anything right comes in.
Wind definitely softening.

Race #10 second beat

Canada leading up the right middle.  Germany just tacked and passing behind.  Finland made gains out in the left corner and crossed NYYC.  They are coming in near te port layline.  Canada just tacked in front and slightly leeward controlling position.

Race #10 Leeward Gate roundings

Canada, followed by Germany, leading around the left gate mark.  NYYC, followed by Royal Thames, a bit behind rounding the right gate.